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Cronebird provides alternative health meditative service throughout the Greater Boston Area.

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Sound is an integral part of the spiritual practice of the Himalayan culture. In the Buddhist and Hindu doctrines, sound is listed as the seventh of nine ways to reach enlightenment. For this reason, the sound of singing bowls was used by Buddhist practitioners as part of their music and religious rituals.

Image of a Tibetan singing bowl owned by Cronebird providing sound therapy in Boston.


The sound of singing bowls is both captivating and calming and is frequently used as a meditation aid. The tones quickly instill a sense of trance-like calm, allowing listeners to drop into meditative states, and cultivate mindfulness and awareness in the present moment. The sound waves radiate outward from the bowls and wash over and through the listener.

The physical body and the energy field of the listener enter into sympathetic resonance with this vibration. Each particle in the body is restored to their original vibration, frequency, and harmony. The healing effects of these bowls can be attributed to the special sound they emit as well as the conscious intention used in the process of their creation and during the session.

Image of a stone etched with a drawing of a dragonfly, and object of meditative service in Boston.

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Image of Cronebird next to a tree wih Tibetan singing bowls, providing sound therapy and meditative service in Boston.